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Orang Dormitory House is standing by the dear customers to create a powerful future and considering the transformation of human life and improving its quality level, with special passion and love, it thinks about creating a bed for the horizon.

About Orang Sleep Home

Orang Sleep Home has officially started its activity since 2019 in the field of producing and supplying mattresses, quilts, pillows, bedspreads and towels, and using the experiences of its founders, managers and employees, with the aim of producing and supplying sleeping products with The superior quality, distinct from the market, began to be produced.
Using the latest modern technology and using the best raw materials (Turkish fabrics) and industrial and organic fibers, Orang House Company took a distinct and different step in this direction.
Organic products such as mattresses, quilts and pillows using cotton fabric and sheep wool fibers are among the unique products of this manufacturing company.
Also, considering the 20-year history of the founders of this collection in the field of trade with Turkish fabric factories, the use of modern and diverse Turkish design fabrics is one of the exclusive privileges of this company’s products.
The Orang sleeping house complex hopes to play a significant role in creating peace in eight hours of people’s lives by using the best materials and diverse and up-to-date designs as well as the use of organic raw materials.

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